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Practice Areas

Commercial and Business

Our team provides permanent and ad hoc legal services to Polish and International Companies. We treat each and every client individually as we know from experience, that every business needs a different type of professional support and customised solutions. We primarily provide legal services consisting of:

  • ● legal advice regarding a client’s current business activities
  • ● issuing opinions on agreements
  • ● drafting letters to courts and administrative authorities
  • ● preparation of agreements, regulations and statutes
  • ● conducting employee-related matters
  • ● representing our Clients in contacts with debtors, administrative bodies and courts
  • ● assistance in the debt collection process, including an enforcement proceedings
  • ● assistance in employment matters
  • ● assistance in registering changes in the National Court Register
  • ● preparing draft resolutions and conducting Shareholders Meetings
  • ● accounting and HR services
  • ● implementing GDPR including conducting audits
  • ● and many others.

Franc (CHF) Debtors

LSST deals with credit agreements in Euro and CHF. To assess your situation correctly, we will require the Loan Agreement to check whether it contains prohibited clauses. Each contract and each client is treated individually. After analyzing the Agreement, we will provide you with the options that can be made in your case. Some cases end with the settlement attempt and the signing of an agreed upon appendix to the Agreement.

Family Law

Our team provides legal services in the field of family and guardianship law. Family cases include; divorce, maintenance, division of assets, parental responsibility.

Sometimes, in divorce cases, there is a need to initiate the annulment of the marriage process, the so-called ecclesiastical divorce, our law practice also offers assistance in this matter.

Additionally clients can safely take advantage of the professional psychological care as we are cooperating with selected doctors who are happy to help everyone in that matter.

Our team has extensive experience in the enforcement of maintenance payments and maintains ongoing relationships with debt collectors across the country.

Tax Law

LSST handles tax